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Kevin Mitchell

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Erik Mitchell

Brothers Kevin and Erik have been full time Professional Real Estate Investors and Educators since 2007.

They have completed over 50 real estate transactions (all in Canada) and have spent over 35,000 hours growing and perfecting the systemised way in which they invest.

They have worked tirelessly to apply The Investor’s Approach to all areas of their lives and they have created this Website to share their wealth of experience with you.

Over the last 8+ years they have helped thousands of Canadians invest in real estate in a variety of different ways. Whether you are interested in investing passively (www.investdrei.ca and http://agents.fdsbroker.com/erik-mitchell/) or you want to do it all yourself (www.sreisystem.com), they have the expertise and resources to help you make it happen.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are currently dealing with the harsh reality of not having enough money to retire the way they want. As such, they have made it their personal mission to educate people on the benefits of true diversification and to help them add Real Estate to their investment portfolios in the best way possible.