Fall Home Checklist

autumn-691263_1280Autumn is well under way and the cooler weather is here to stay. Despite the busyness that comes this time of year for both students and parents, it is still one of my favourite seasons. The leaves change colour and dress the ground in wonderful shades of orange, red and yellow, and homes become decked out in decorations that embrace this time of year! Along with getting settled back into routines, however, there are some tasks that you will have to add to your to-do list to make sure that your home is prepared for the change in seasons. Take a look at the top 3 projects to add to your checklist this fall!

Inspect Appliances

Inspecting oil furnaces, fireplaces, and wood stoves is not the most exciting task, but it is incredibly important to do in order to maintain these appliances and protect your home. Over the summer months, these appliances are rarely used, causing dirt, dust, and even small animals to call these areas home. Before you turn up the heat this fall, make sure that all of these appliances are inspected carefully by a professional, to ensure that they are safe to use. Not only will you be able to have peace of mind when turning up the heat, but you will also be able to rest in the fact that by inspecting them annually, they will work properly for years to come.

Check Windows and Gutters

With the wonderful sights, smells and colours of autumn come piles of fallen leaves and twigs that cover the ground and fill the gutters of both your home and shed. To prevent ice build-up and cracked drains this winter, take some time to clean out those gutters!

While you are giving the gutters a much-needed clean, inspect your windows as well. Loose caulking and hinges can significantly impact the integrity of the window and affect its ability to keep your house nice and warm. The last thing you want this winter is to think about replacing glass or paying a hefty heating bill.

Spruce up the Property

oldshinglesI have heard from several reporters over the past few weeks that this winter is going to be particularly harsh. To prepare for the coming months, I will be spending some extra time outside to make sure that my gardens and trees are ready for whatever comes our way! Winter storms can wreak havoc on your property, especially trees and shrubs, so be sure to remove any dead limbs or branches. Shutters and shingles can also be damaged during winter storms, so take some time to secure them while the weather is still beautiful.

After a long winter, the last thing you want to do is clean up your property instead of soaking up the warmer weather. If you are also planning on selling, it will be one less task to think about.

This fall, make the most of this weather and get your home ready for the months ahead so that you can focus on what matters; spending time with your family.

H/T LisaMilroy