The Investor’s Approach Podcast is a series of conversation style interviews, all with an unwavering focus to dig deep into whatever issue we are discussing, and uncover the best possible approaches to: Investing, Business, and Personal Growth.

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Podcast 1: How To Secure The Right Mortgage And Utilize Your HELOC To Retire Earlier.

On this podcast we are joined by Jas Grewal of Jas Grewal Dominion Lending Centres. Jas has been our personal mortgage broker for the last 8+ years and he has extensive experience helping his clients create a long term plan and ALWAYS get into the right mortgage products. Jas invests in real estate himself and this podcast is filled with some fantastic information that will help you maximize all the financial aspects of your real estate investments including your personal residence.

Podcast 2: Having The Right Mental Approach To Be Successful In Your Business And In Your Life.

This podcast features a conversation with Patricia Gagic, banker turned artist, entrepreneur, multiple book author and meditation expert. Patricia is a wealth of information when it comes to having a creative mental approach to being successful in any career path. Given her diverse experience in different industries, with successful stories in all of them, it is always interesting and insightful to listen to her speak. Here in this podcast, Patricia and Kevin start digging into the spiritual and mental approach people should apply to their business, their career, and most importantly their life.

Podcast 4: Turn Key Property Management –  Using Back End Software To Self Manage Effectively

On this episode of The Investors Approach Podcast, Lena Guirguis– a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach and the founder of NV property management joins Kevin to discuss a new and innovative way to manage your rental units. Listen to her and Kevin discuss the advantages of taking proactive approach to manage your properties and, get some fantastic insights on how to best deal with some of the most challenging issues of owning investment properties. If you manage your own properties or are thinking about purchasing an investment property, this Podcast is exactly what you need to listen to right now.

IMG_0138_draw (1)Podcast 6: Home Staging and it’s importance in The Investor’s Approach to Home Ownership

On this episode of The Investors Approach Podcast, listen to Carla Woolnough, founder and owner of professional home staging company Nex-Step Design.  She is also the global spokesperson for the RE/MAX Fit to Sell program and committed to educating homeowners and realtors who prefer to stage their homes or listings themselves.

Hear Carla and Kevin as they discuss the importance of home staging in investor’s approach to homeownership.

Podcast 7: Investor Agent Conference 2015 with Keynote Vikram Vij

On this special episode of The Investor’s Approach Podcast, we are joined by Restaurant magnate, celebrity chef and entrepreneur Vikram Vij, one of the “Dragon” investor on the Canadian reality show Dragon’s Den. Vikram is doing the Keynote Speech on upcoming Investor Agent Conference 2015 and helping realtors to expand their business and grow wealth.

On this Podcast, he talks about his rise to the top and discusses some of the most important entrepreneurial lessons he learned along the way.


Podcast 8: Emerging Communication Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses

On Episode 8, Adam Nesrallah from RONIN Intelligence and Training talks about exposure and risk in today’s technology age as well as the relationship side of business. Drawing from his own experience as an officer of CSIS (Canadian Intelligence Agency), he provides some important tips on how individuals and businesses can minimize the risk of information exposure by using the emerging communication technologies. He and Kevin also discuss the importance of soft skills in businesses and the idea of developing long lasting customer relationships.


Erik Pic_drawPodcast 9: Part 1: Syndicated Mortgage Investments – A New And Exciting Way To Invest In Real Estate

On this special episode of The Investor’s Approach Podcast, we have Kevin’s business partner and brother, Erik Mitchell as the guest. Being a professional Real Estate Investor, Educator and a Licensed Mortgage Agent through FDS Broker Services (Lic. #12367) himself, Erik talks about what  Syndicated Mortgage Investments are, how they work, and why these investments are the perfect way to invest in real estate. Kevin and Erik also discuss what true diversification is and how the financial industry has been lying to us for                                                                             decades.

If you are interested in learning about true diversification and what Syndicated Mortgage Investments are all about, then this episode is exactly what you need to listen to right now.

Podcast 10: The Rent To Own System – Advantages and Possible Pitfalls 


On this episode of The Investors Approach Podcast, Rene St.Aubin- Real estate agent and founder of “The Canadian H.O.M.E Program” joins Kevin to discuss his Rent To Own System. Join them as they discuss the advantages and risks of Renting To Own compared to the traditional way of purchasing your home. If you are having trouble qualifying for a mortgage and you’re wondering what options you could possibly have left – or if you are thinking about investing in real estate and don’t know how you are going to do so – this Podcast is perfect for you!

Podcast 11: Part 2: Syndicated Mortgage Investments – A New And Exciting Way To Invest In Real Estate

On this special episode of The Investor’s Approach Podcast, Kevin and Erik continue their conversation about Syndicated Mortgage Investments. They discuss Fortress Real Development and what makes them industry leaders. They also talk about why they feel these investments are a fantastic way to grow your RRSP investment portfolio; what getting a fixed rate of return means; how the Differed Lenders Fees is the perfect ‘icing on the cake; and how each investment opportunity and offering is unique to the specific development project it is associated with.

This is the 2nd part of this exciting and informative podcast series so we suggest you listen to Part 1 before moving on to this episode. Enjoy!

Podcast 12: Video Marketing For Your Business

On this episode of The Investor’s Approach Podcast Alli Saunders from Sight Seven Productions – – joins Kevin to discuss the growing importance of Video Marketing. Join them as they discuss the advantages of growing your company by utilizing Video Marketing as well as how you should go about using video to sell your products or services; when to use personal videos vs professionally edited ones; and how a Video Marketing Company can make all the difference in the world for your business!

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Podcast 13: The Benefits Of Legal Shield And The Risks Of Identity Theft

On this episode of the Investor’s Approach Podcast, Kevin is joined by Anita Sarda who provides her testimonial on the significant impact of Kevin’s book “The Investors Approach To Home Ownership” on her life. They also talk about identity left and how becoming a Legal Shield member may be the best decision you ever make.