What does your Birthday Month Say About You?

Zodiac signs tend to get all the credit when it comes to defining one’s personality. But did you know that your birth month can actually play a pretty big role, too?

Believe it or not, there’s actual science behind this.

Mark Hamilton, a social scientist in the Communication Department at the University of Connecticut, says that people born within a particular month tend to share personality traits.

Hamilton conducted a study in which he looked at more than 300 celebrities from various fields. He found that those who were successful in a particular field tended to have birthdays that were freakishly close to one another.

Another study from Yale found that those with schizophrenia were also more likely to be born in winter months.

We still aren’t exactly sure how birth month affects one’s future. But whatever it means, it’s interesting!

What does your birth month have to say about your personality? Check out the flip cards below to find out!


People born in January have a strong work ethic. They’re also very vocal in voicing their opinion and can be stubborn at times.


People born in February tend to be very creative and open to new things. They love intellectual conversations and tend to be free-spirited.



People born in March are also highly creative but tend to be introverted. They are gentle and kind.


Those born in April crave adrenaline. They often act before thinking, which can land them in hot water at times.


Mayflowers tend to be very indecisive. They get bored easily and are constantly looking for new adventures and people to click with.


People born in June are sensitive towards the feelings of others. They tend to think far into the future when it comes to plans and goals.


July babies tend to be both introverted and spontaneous. They can harbor some dark secrets but usually, appear cheerful.


Those who hail from August are natural-born leaders. They take a very methodological approach to life, which can lead to a rigid life at times.


September babies have high expectations of others, which tends to lead to disappointment. Nonetheless, they are sensual and kind people.


People born in October crave stability. They avoid confrontation like the plague and tend to absolutely adore their friends.


November babies tend to be very secretive and hate being told what to do. They have few fears and will readily jump into unfamiliar territory.


Those born in December tend to be generous. However, their pride tends to be their downfall. They are sassy and entertaining.
What did your month reflect about you? Do you agree? Drop us a comment and then pass this post along to your friends to see what they learned!